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Rivierart n12 05

Rivierart n12 05
Prioritising the image, this magazine is an accessible showcase for professional artists, a pleasure for the eyes, for the reader, without affectation and without critique.
Available via
Published in 2014.



Nude 2016

Available via Blurb.
Published in 2016.


Nude 2013
89 photographers, 76 pages.
Available via Blurb.
Published in 2013.

Framed-bookcover Framed
A collection of 70 photographs, primarily Portraits, People, Landscapes and Nudes by Lida Chaulet.
Available via Blurb.
Published March 2009.
Flimmer-bookcover-front Flimmer
The female body, fine art nude photography, by Lida Chaulet
Available via Blurb.
Published November 2007.


Nude2013-cover The sexual life of Catherine M
By Catherine Millet

Published September 2014.
The-Hesitant-Hour-Weissner-R-P-bookcover The Hesitant Hour
by R.P. Weissner

Personal, somewhat sensual poetry, 108 pages.
Available via Barnes and NobleAmazon or Authorhouse
Published June 2010.
a vallas szociologiaja-bookcover A Vallás Szociológiája
by Grace Davie

The sociology of Religion.
Available via Martinuskiado or konyvkapu

Published October 2010.



 April 2009 Interview on Enticing the Light